Many years ago I began to throw my support behind key charities that were close to my heart, one of these charities was Cancer at Large, not only is it close to my heart but it is also a disease that affects (globally) 1 in 3 people.

Cancer at Large

Cancer at Large is a charity who were established to be provide vital, concise and coherent information about cancer. Aiming to help cancer sufferers and their carers spend less time researching and more time caring for the ones they love and focus on the path to recovery.

Throughout the world it is estimated that 1 in 3 will suffer from some variance of cancer at some point in there lives. This startling statistic is a harsh reality that the world as a whole should start to live more healthily and understand why are bodies need the recommended intake of fruit and veg a day.

Cancer is the reference used to describe a ‘Class’ of the disease, so it is unlikely that there will ever be one single blanket treatment as the characteristics of the different diseases are so wide spread. The goal for any doctor is to remove the whole cancer without damage to the rest of the body; this is often performed by surgery, but the difficulty being that the tendency of cancers to invade adjacent tissue often limits its effectiveness. Therefore a combination of therapys is often used.

Cancer is often perceived as a disease that strikes for no apparent reason. While scientists don’t yet know all the reasons, many of the causes of cancer have already been identified. Besides intrinsic factors such as heredity, diet, and hormones, scientific studies point to key extrinsic factors that contribute to the cancer’s development: chemicals, smoking, radiation, viruses and bacteria.

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