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John Szepietowski is committed to helping and working with a number of charities and fundraising, particularly for those with special needs. As a lawyer, property developer, and investor, John Szepietowski has been fortunate and well placed to help others and to support a wide array of charitable projects. John has over the last 25 years provided pro bono legal work and assistance to thousands of clients who were unable to secure legal aid funding.

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An Introduction to Philanthropy

Philanthropy is derived from “philos” and “anthropos” – Greek words that mean loving and humankind. So, philanthropy can be broadly defined as “love for humankind.” The purpose of philanthropy is to solve and prevent social problems for the purpose of improving the wellbeing of humankind. It is not the same as charity, which focuses on eradicating the suffering that social problems cause.

Philanthropy has been practised for many years. While some ancient people practised it for genuine concern for the common good and kindness, there were others who used it as a way to gain power, prestige, and recognition, and to get in favour with the gods. You can also find references to philanthropy in the Torah, Bible, Koran, and in the teachings of many other cultures and religions, including Hinduism, Native American cultures, and Buddhism.


John Szepietowski's Projects

John Szepietowski’s supported charity projects include the following, and many more:

Anti Noise

Anti Noise are an organisation founded by John Szepietowski, whose aim is to provide information to the public about the rise and effects of pollution and noise from the aviation industry. Specifically around the London Heathrow airport. John Szepietowski has been very vocal in his support of all Anti Expansion movements at Heathrow airport, even going as far as raising petitions on the government website,

Dogs are Loved

Dogs are Loved is an organisation founded by John Szepietowski, our aim is to increase knowledge and awareness of animal abuse and how to report it. One of the big reasons for the charities estbalishment is the worrying and increasing figures of reported animal abuse cases. In 2014 figures from the RSPCA show that there was a rise of more than 6,000 cases, in 2013 they investigated 153,770 cases.

Save the Architecture

Save The Architecture employs a number of volunteer researchers who collate a large amount of information to provide the very best advice and service for owners and prospective owners of Listed Buildings. With the aim of providing a comprehensive resource of laws a regulations that must be adhered to when owning / renovating or restoring Listed Buildings.

Special Needs Learning

The challenge of raising a child with a special need or disability can seem overwhelming at times. There are often so many issues involved, such as finding the best health care, therapy or specialist; supporting your child at school and in the community; investigating the services and opportunities available; and arranging for special equipment that may be needed.


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Contact John

Please see below the various ways in which you can contact John Szepietowski, the easiest and most straightforward way is to fill in all details on the form below, please do fill in ALL details to ensure your message better reaches John.

Whilst it may take John some time to view all comments submitted to him, we ensure that all submitted details are seen by John. As you will understand it takes up a large amount of John’s free time dedicating himself to the charities he supports and fundraising for those less fortunate.

John Szepietowski is and has been (for more than 40 years) a solicitor by profession, he is also a property investor, active and avid supporter of many various and wide ranging charities as well as a very active charity campaigner. John lives in Surrey, England, but his business office address is based on London.

John believes in donating or otherwise helping worthwhile charitable causes and has a particularly strong desire to help children with special needs. Since 1985, we estimate that John has either raised or donated over £3.5 million for various worthwhile causes, helping to fund research and providing help to those who suffer from Cancer or

Other ways you could contact John, is connect with him over social networks, just search for John Szepietowski over facebook, twitter, google plus etc and you’ll find him.

We have recently added a link to John Szepietowski’s personal twitter account into the sites navigation, this is the official twitter feed for John Szepietowski.


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