“In the first half of 2022, average natural gas prices in Europe were four times as high as in the same period in 2021 while coal prices were more than three times as high, resulting in wholesale electricity prices more than tripling in many markets.” This is just one of many headlines that express the dramatic changes on the worldwide energy market at this moment.

The energy transition, the race to zero-emissions, the new technologies and all evolving business models are only a snapshot of the changes occurred on the energy markets and everyone is wondering about how the future would look like and more importantly, what is the punchline.

There are several approaches to answer these questions, but we believe there is another side to each story and regardless of the title (energy democracy, green energy transition, zero-emission policy), each solution requires a process, an outcome and a long-term goal and more importantly, a background assessment of the situation. We, at Audley Chaucer, as any other wide-experienced team of legal and business advisers create the perfect legal framework for your business course to be embedded in the current economy. However, our vision is that the origination point of each carousel of ideas and opportunities stays within the preliminary mediation process, like in any law case proceeding, resulting in a good faith analysis of the situation and understanding of the other party’s position. Considering the current energy disbalances shown around the world, we investigated not only the current situation, but also the statistics of the past decade. This showed that the problems we are facing are in relation more and more to the climate changes and a decline shown in democracy and sustainable economy, the true global crises of the century. Our team with more than 10 years’ experience in energy law combined with global business development expertise leads the business strategy to be focused on solutions and policies created to advocate for a united front, crises-free, climate-friendly and sustainable economy. Therefore, the current discrepancy on the energy market might represent a step closer to the reinstatement of the energy competitive markets.

The energy sector is a complex branch of interactions. From our experience as international legal advisors, we learned there is always a way to mitigate the risks. Each energy case can be developed in strong, long-term relations within seconds. We are keen on expressing our knowledge, our devotion and our network of connections towards our client’s project in order to reach the most successful outcome. As a result, our vision dares to offer a different approach, focused of prevention and reliance (on partnerships), and not resilience because we see the challenges as an opportunity for you to reach your targets of success.

However, supporting the industry to set net-zero emission is not the only target and we believe businesses should continue to recognize their social responsibilities. In the meantime, businesses should develop their own “cleaner” targets and strategies and whether the client is looking for permitting and licensing your project, concession and exploration framework, constructing a new transmission line, starting an M&A transaction, implementing unique green financing strategies, develop multi-year, multi-billion pounds green energy farms, ESG corporate governance or procuring new technologies, we can advise on multiple opportunities, both from a business point of view and a legal perspective. We will be involved every step and when the occasion arises, will disclose alternatives suitable for the final purpose.

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This information was correct as at October 2022

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