We are delighted to announce that Audley Chaucer will be taking part in the Will Aid 2022 campaign, which is set to commence in November.


In the 2021 Will Aid campaign, Audley Chaucer raised a total of £10,330 for nine charities associated with Will Aid, including Save the Children, NSPCC and British Red Cross. We were subsequently recognised as the third highest donating firm in the United Kingdom for that year. This, also, brings Audley Chaucer’s total sum raised for Will Aid to £23,650. Our thanks to Larissa Bourgi and Joseph Beams of Audley Chaucer for their hard work in making this possible.


Our thanks go to Will Aid for providing us with this opportunity and we look forward to working with Will Aid once again.


If you have any questions about drafting a Will or would like to know more about the Will Aid scheme, or for further information on this topic or on any other legal area, please contact John Szepietowski or Kay Stewart at Audley Chaucer Solicitors on 01372 303444 or email admin@audleychaucer.com or visit our Linkedin page


John Szepietowski


September 2022

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