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Please see below the various ways in which you can contact John Szepietowski, the easiest and most straightforward way is to fill in all details on the form below, please do fill in ALL details to ensure your message better reaches John.

Whilst it may take John some time to view all comments submitted to him, we ensure that all submitted details are seen by John. As you will understand it takes up a large amount of John’s free time dedicating himself to the charities he supports and fundraising for those less fortunate.

John Szepietowski is and has been (for more than 40 years) a solicitor by profession, he is also a property investor, active and avid supporter of many various and wide ranging charities as well as a very active charity campaigner. John lives in Surrey, England, but his business office address is based on London.

John believes in donating or otherwise helping worthwhile charitable causes and has a particularly strong desire to help children with special needs. Since 1985, we estimate that John has either raised or donated over £3.5 million for various worthwhile causes, helping to fund research and providing help to those who suffer from Cancer or

Other ways you could contact John, is connect with him over social networks, just search for John Szepietowski over facebook, twitter, google plus etc and you’ll find him.

We have recently added a link to John Szepietowski’s personal twitter account into the sites navigation, this is the official twitter feed for John Szepietowski.

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    John Szepietowski
    Cobham House
    1 High Street
    KT11 9EE

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    0193 2809 169

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