John Szepietowski has been dedicating his life’s work to charities and fundraising for the less fortunate in todays society. John Szepietowski is a lawyer, investor and property developer by trade which has proved to be an invaluable foundation for his philanthropy work. John Szepietowski’s supported charity projects have included:

Anti Noise

Anti Noise are an organisation founded by John Szepietowski, whose aim is to provide information to the public about the rise and effects of pollution and noise from the aviation industry. Specifically around the London Heathrow airport.

Cancer at Large

Cancer at Large is a charity who were established to be provide vital, concise and coherent information about cancer. Aiming to help cancer sufferers and their carers spend less time researching and more time caring for the ones they love and focus on the path to recovery.

Dogs are Loved

Dogs are Loved is an organisation founded by John Szepietowski, our aim is to increase knowledge and awareness of animal abuse and how to report it. One of the big reasons for the charities estbalishment is the worrying and increasing figures of reported animal abuse cases. In 2014 figures from the RSPCA show that there was a rise of more than 6,000 cases, in 2013 they investigated 153,770 cases.

Save the Architecture

Save The Architecture employs a number of volunteer researchers who collate a large amount of information to provide the very best advice and service for owners and prospective owners of Listed Buildings. With the aim of providing a comprehensive resource of laws a regulations that must be adhered to when owning / renovating or restoring Listed Buildings.

Special Needs Learning

The challenge of raising a child with a special need or disability can seem overwhelming at times. There are often so many issues involved, such as finding the best health care, therapy or specialist; supporting your child at school and in the community; investigating the services and opportunities available; and arranging for special equipment that may be needed – all in addition to the often exhausting job of simply caring for your child.

Fortunately, there are networks of support and resources to help parents deal with these issues

And many many more

John Szepietowski has been very vocal in his support of all Anti Expansion movements at Heathrow airport, even going as far as raising petitions on the government website, saying:

“It is sad to see that someone has had to resort to such tactics to express their anti airport expansion views. However, the BAA and the Government need to wake up and take notice of the very real opposition to Heathrow’s expansion.”