John Szepietowski has been dedicating his life’s work to charities and fundraising for the less fortunate in today’s society. As a lawyer, property developer, and investor, John Szepietowski has had a great platform for his philanthropy work, which he has used to support a wide array of charity projects. You can find out more about the projects John Szepietowski supports on this website.

An Introduction to Philanthropy

Philanthropy is derived from “philos” and “anthropos” – Greek words that mean loving and humankind. So, philanthropy can be broadly defined as “love for humankind.” The purpose of philanthropy is to solve and prevent social problems for the purpose of improving the wellbeing of humankind. It is not the same as charity, which focuses on eradicating the suffering that social problems cause.

Philanthropy has been practised for many years. While some ancient people practised it for genuine concern for the common good and kindness, there were others who used it as a way to gain power, prestige, and recognition, and to get in favour with the gods. You can also find references to philanthropy in the Torah, Bible, Koran, and in the teachings of many other cultures and religions, including Hinduism, Native American cultures, and Buddhism.

A Glimpse into John Szepietowski’s Charity Work

John Szepietowski’s supported charity projects include the following, and many more:

  • Special Needs Learning – This project is designed to help those who are raising a child with a special need or disability, providing them with the resources and support they need to deal with the many challenges they face.
  • Anti Noise – Anti Noise is an organisation founded by John Szepietowski. The aim of the organisation is to supply the public with information about the aviation industry’s impact on pollution.
  • Save the Architecture – This project was designed to provide a comprehensive resource of regulations relating to owning, renovating or restoring a Listed Building.
  • Cancer at Large – Cancer at Large is a charity that provides coherent, concise and crucial information about cancer, with the aim of helping those who are suffering from the disease by empowering them with important knowledge.
  • Dogs are Loved – This is another organisation that John Szepietowski has founded. He did so to increase awareness and knowledge of animal abuse and how to report it.